Reed Arts Services

Custom Picture Framing

Reed Arts is your best source for fine and creative custom picture framing services. Our display of picture frame moulding samples is one of the most varied and extensive in Central Ohio. Within the many styles of frame mouldings we can access worldwide, we may choose the most unique, or the best historical representation, and always the finest quality. Lots of thought goes into what we decide to show you. Our experienced frame design team has lots of creative ideas, from specialty mat cuts and fillets to fabric wrapping and gold-leafing. The right frame design for your project is right here at Reed Arts.

The Art of Charley Harper

Charley Harper (August 4, 1922-June 10, 2007) was a Cincinnati-based American Modernist artist, best known for his highly stylized wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations. Reed Arts was selected to represent Charley’s artwork in Central Ohio by Brett Harper, Charley’s son. Browse our vast selection of Harper lithographs, serigraphs, and giclées on canvas.

Photo Frames

We show an incredible variety of photo frames to adorn the tabletops and shelves of your home and office spaces. Choose from traditional styles in finishes of gold and silver, to contemporary styles in bold, colorful finishes, and everything in between!

Custom Acrylic Frames

Reed Arts offers Prisma Acrylic Frames. Prisma takes picture framing into a whole new spectrum. Combine color, shape and graphic pattern for original seamless frame creations.


Need a mirror to fill a specific space? Let us help you select the perfect frame, and then leave the rest up to us – we’ll figure out the size of the mirror based on the frame moulding you choose, and the size space you want to fill. Add a beveled edge to your mirror for a truly elegant look.

Art Gifts

Reed Arts always carries an interesting selection of art and artsy items perfect for gift-giving. From art-related books and puzzles, to small sculptures and whimsical paintings and prints. Need a card to accompany your gift? We have a beautiful selection.

Repair & Restoration Services

Family heirlooms, antiques, works of art, collectibles – we recognize the value in each of them. And when a treasured item is broken, damaged or deteriorating, a piece of history is lost. Wiebold Studio is passionate about saving these items and has been dedicated to restoration and conservation since its founding in 1945. Skilled artists and conservators use time-tested techniques to restore damaged items for you – families, private collectors and notable institutions – every day.

Reed Arts is the Columbus Representative for Wiebold Studio – you can drop off damaged arts & antiquities at our studio and pick them up later, repaired and restored! A free delivery service is scheduled the second Wednesday of every OTHER month (the odd-numbered months).

Delivery & Installation

Reed Arts is happy to offer delivery and installation services. Often, by the time your order is complete, it’s much larger than when you brought it in. Sometimes you need help hanging a large or heavy work of art – we can help you there, too.